Monday, August 1, 2011

Pauline: Maternity

I grew up with Pauline and she is more like a close sister to me. We took these photos in my neighborhood.. this old barn is yet to be restored and I am hoping they can do so because it's gorgeous! The sunset couldn't have been more perfect.

I am so excited to see Pauline become a mom. She is the funniest female I know. I say female because my husband would take that personally. Pauline is going to make an amazing mom. She and her husband compliment one another so perfectly. Liam is going to have a blast with such amazing parents. The thing I love about Pauline is her ability to bluntly tell you what's on her mind like "ok I'm done with taking pictures its freaking hot out here!" Pauline I love you. And seriously 35 weeks. Seriously!? You're gorgeous!

1 comment:

  1. Pauline - you are simply stunning! And KT is right you are going to be a great mom. I can't wait to meet Liam!!

    Great job KT!!!