Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Brielle!

I love these three and not just because they are related. Ryan and Meghan as expected make such great parents. I've loved watching my sister become a mom. When Colin was born and she was having withdraws after not seeing him for 24 hours I just knew she wasn't going to be far along. In fact when I called Meghan to tell her I was expecting again I was nervous but a month later she shared that she was right behind me. Brielle is indeed wrapped around Ryan's finger and it's so adorable watching their relationship.

I have offered sunrise shoots to a few people (bc lets be honest, I am up @ 5 am) but Meg has been the only one to take me up on it. Maybe we are both equally crazy but I promised her it would be worth it. The sun kept getting brighter and more vibrant as the minutes passed. We got lucky with a gorgeous morning.

I love this little girl :) Happy half a year Brielle!

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