Monday, March 4, 2013

a few changes..

When I first started taking photos for a fee I thought there is no way someone will pay me to take pictures. I first went through a time where I took pictures free of charge because I just loved it. Then that turned into more and more "free of charge" sessions and my husband nicely put his foot down. He did so in such a way that focused on time. How much time are you investing into driving, taking photos, editing the photos. I knew what he was trying to tell me.. and so we came up with my first price list. I hated it. I hated charging people.

Fast forward a few years later people actually like my photos and each time someone asks me to take their photo I am still amazed over it. I know there are a zillion photographers in this area and I just still haven't come to grips with this hobby people actually pay me for.

So now I write this while staring at the photos above to tell a few of my clients that I am sad to be making this choice. But it is the right one. I love babies. I love getting to hold and rock your babies to put them to sleep, I love their little sounds and I love each minute I get to work with each of them. Unfortunately the investment I have made is a big one. I spend hours trying to get perfect shots, getting them to sleep, posing them. It is not very easy to explain how honestly hard it is. I love the end result of the photos. But my time investment just isn't worth the time I am spending away from my family.

I am still doing photography but newborn posed sessions is something I am going to step back from. Instead I will be doing newborn sessions as lifestyle session. I will take pictures of mom and dad with baby, baby in moms arms, baby on your gigantic bed or couch. Just a very relaxed session in your home.

I have known this decision was the right one for some time and your babies will still be just as beautiful in my camera just with a different vision. Some of my favorite visions of this are below

For sessions already booked I will of course still be doing the shoots as planned and love doing it. I feel good about this decision and hope it won't keep your beautifil babies away from my lens!

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