Monday, May 6, 2013

The Higginbotham's

It is not my story to tell but what I can share with anyone who reads this is that this family has endured an incredible amount. I met Karen and Mikey through my sister and brother-in-law years ago. I always spoke with Karen here and there but I really remember the night she and I talked endlessly about children. I thought I was some expert at the time. But Karen and Mikey are just that kind of couple that you could spend hours chatting with over a bottle of wine and just find yourselves completely relaxed. I love that about them. Mikey and Karen have an enormous amount of love for each other. Mikey talks so eloquently about his wife and you know when you ask a couple to kiss- Mikey just does that. I love them. Logan just celebrated his second birthday and he is true to all things boy! He is full of energy and I love that about him. I feel so blessed to have been able to capture THIS moment in your lives. You are both some of the strongest and most beautiful families inside and out.

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