Sunday, March 23, 2014

seven on sunday / vol. 1

I have this amazing group of photography confidants. Their stories are all different and beautiful. I remember when I first met my wedding photographer and following her family stories is when I really loved her. It wasn't her amazing photographs of these gorgeous clients in white dresses. It was the way she told stories of her family. Fast forward many years later I have become close with these amazing group of women who just happen to be photographers. They all inspire me with their stories not just their photographs.

Ali Caudill.. or as I like to call her NOVA's Tara Whitney is incredible. She is this quiet, beautiful and CRAZY talened girl behind Ali Caudill Photography. Her photos can tell a story for days. She has this raw ability to capture a moment and make it feel like its the only thing that matters in that very instant. So needless to say when she came up with this seven on sunday series I told her I'd be following along.

Now my writing will not evoke emotion like Ali's but lets just pretend for a moment.

So I too am a crier of silly commercials, especially if they have this beautiful song playing in the background- forget it. Ali writes on her blog how she might have lost a few tears during Andrew Stantons commercial during the Oscars. Me too, I remember thinking damn thats good. The commercial that got a little tears for me in particular is the Apple "photos every day". You see, you don't have to be a photographer to capture moments. Each story you choose to tell will draw a totally different emotion for the individual. But the point is, its worth telling and freezing your story.

I have gotten terrible about my camera. I bring it out at events or to take photos for milestones. But I want to remember all the small details of what makes my family who they are.

So, thanks Ali for the challenge. Below are nine (sorry should be 7) photos from this week alone that I am choosing to share because each one tells a few things to me. The theme in particular is "gratitude" this week but like Ali, I didn't choose to take a photo around a theme but each one speaks for iteself I feel in the moments to which I am grateful for, yes even the fighting.

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